Quick wins vs slow burns is a conversation I often have with clients. Most businesses know they want to find more clients & increase sales, but many haven’t considered what’s really driving the business development.

If you need to generate cashflow & activity, you probably need quick wins. Often this can mean targeting smaller clients where the value of the work/profit to you may be lower, but the decision making process is probably quicker, so the overall sales cycle is shorter and you get paid faster – a quick flash to bang!

On the other hand if you’re planning for longer term growth in your business you might want to target the slow burns – often these are the bigger opportunities that mean more £££ & more profit, but have slower, multi-layered decision making processes and a much longer sales cycle – so you’re in for the long haul before you see the return.

It’s so important to understand the difference between quick win & slow burn targets & plan your business development activities to match – it may also be that you need a mix of slow burn & quick wins, which means segmenting your market & having a message which is specific to each.

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  1. Please could someone contact me regarding a possible telesales campaign to generate leads.

    We are an IT & telecoms provider and in particular looking for ideas to get some quick wins.

    My direct dial is 0151 245 0318.

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